Managed Services

Managed Services refers to outsourcing the entire IT support of a business to a service provider who specializes in managing IT services. IT infrastructure is one of the most important backbones of any business, and to remain competitive any business cannot afford to thrive on an outdated IT infrastructure. An outdated IT infrastructure not only affects operational efficiency, but also leads to potential threats of data breach and malware attacks. To prevent this, any business can either spend a hefty amount regularly, to keep its infrastructure updated, or can outsource these services to a managed service provider so that it can continue to focus on its core competencies.

Managed Services have thus become the preferred method for businesses of all sizes and industries owing to the high level of support, security and maintenance possibilities that it offers, importantly at a fraction of the cost.

Complete Solutions is one of the major players in this arena. Complete Solutions provides a complete package of computer and computer network management services at a minimal monthly price. With an experienced team of engineers and experts, we partner with businesses of all sizes visualize, design, and set up an IT environment that is secure and optimized.

Our Scope of Managed Services include:

  • Computer network Management
  • Software installation and upgrade
  • Computer hardware management
  • Systems monitoring and technical support
  • Network security
  • Server management (installation, maintenance)
  • Data backup and security

At Complete Solutions, we work as an IT partner to help keep businesses relevant and secure. We use tested and highly efficient tools for monitoring transactions with necessary alerts that needs attention to help IT systems stay in peak health. We are known for best in class services with 24x7 support, which is of paramount importance for any business to perform at their best