Network Consulting and Installation

Every business, big or small, requires a reliable network not only to ensure continuity but employee performance as well. This is what we at Complete Solutions help you achieve.

We help businesses perform at their fullest by optimizing the network performance, minimizing downtime, and creating an overall risk mitigation and performance enhancement plan.

For startups looking for an affordable and fail safe network design and implementation we help assess the networking requirement, future plans, and accordingly create a plan. For businesses already having a network, we help by identifying gaps in the current network and offer a roadmap to manage the IT infrastructure.

Whether or not are you using a managed service, we provide a collaborative approach to businesses of all sizes and verticals. We have a strong team of network administrators and engineers with a collective experience of over 40 years, and we are proud to have worked with some of the world’s most challenging networks. In other words, our aim is to work with you as a partner to determine the current networking needs of your business, create provisions as per your future plan, analyze the current infrastructure, the strengths, possible threats, etc., all at an affordable rate.

Our Scope of Network Consulting and Installation Services include:

Network Design

The best IT infrastructure is one that has been designed with a proper understanding of current needs of any business, along with provisions to accommodate future needs as well. This is where we excel. Our team of experienced network engineers, administrators, and designers create a fail safe network design based on the following:

  • Network Architecture Analysis and Consultation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Computer cable networking
  • Installation of structure network cables
  • Installation of LAN Network Cables
  • Installation of network Firewalls
  • QoS


Any plan can be rendered ineffective if not properly deployed. Our deployment team comprises of highly experienced engineers who are responsible for the installations, activation, and periodical review/maintenance.

Today's business environment is too competitive and dynamic to be complacent with. A network environment which was perfectly fine yesterday might no longer provide the same level of security and performance. This is why you would need an experienced provider and that is exactly where Complete Solutions come in. We have designed a large number of networks and hundreds of businesses are actually relying on us for their infrastructure. This hands-on experience enables our Network designers to provide unbiased understanding and insight to bridge the gap between what is best for you and what needs to be upgraded.