Network Security Assessment

Network security assessment is essentially an audit that is done to find potential threats and vulnerabilities in any network. Any network that is not properly secure is at a constant risk of being compromised in the form of data leak, viruses, which can potentially harm any business. With rapid advancement of technology, it is therefore of paramount importance that any network, no matter how secured it apparently is, should be audited from time to time to gauge potential vulnerabilities.

This is where Complete Solutions come in. We provide comprehensive network security assessment services which have been tested over time and are designed to save businesses from network breaches. We have a team of experienced Network Security analysts who used advanced tools and algorithms to analyze networks and create a detailed recommendation plan to make your network safe.

How do we do it? We start our risk assessment by analyzing potential threats, assets that are most likely to be compromised, then analyzing how the compromise might have happened, and then create a plan to protect those assets and the entire network.

For your business, our network security assessment would essentially answer the following:

  • Which of your systems have a high threat potential?
  • Which could be the potential entry points in your network?
  • What could be the impact of the attack, or what can be the extent of damage
  • What should be the ideal mitigation plan

Since our inception, we have partnered with multiple businesses, big and small, and helped them perform at optimal level by ensuring a secured and seamless network. Our team of experienced network engineers and security experts use a variety of simulation tools to figure out the various permutations and combinations to expose potential weaknesses in your network security and thereby eliminate any weak links.