Offsite Data Backup

What is Offsite Data Backup? It is essentially the replication of all-important data to a geographically separated server.

Why geographically separated? Because in the event a business has to deal with unforeseen damages to its computer and network systems which leads to a data loss, a geographically separated server would serve as a backup, and would help the business recover the data with zero loss.

In other words, Offsite Data backup is one of the most effective ways for any business to safeguard its data from unforeseen events that can lead to partial or total loss of business data.

Every modern business understands the repercussions of data loss and how important data protection is to safeguard customer and business information. Although almost all businesses have data recovery plans as a first level mitigation plan, off-site data backup offers more security and reliability when compared to traditional methods of data storage.

Complete Solutions specializes in helping businesses safeguard their data. We have tested and extensive offsite data backup plans that are extensively encrypted for added layer of security and is automated as per business specific needs. Depending on the specific requirement of any business we help minimize human errors by scheduling automatic data backup, the frequency of which entirely depends on the business.

We have a vast clientele comprising of business from various industry verticals and sizes with whom we have partnered to keep their business and customer data secured, thereby ensuring continuity for their businesses against data loss incidents. By using our offsite data backup services you can rest assured. Ranging from individual files and documents to servers, we ensure that your entire system is appropriately defended against loss of data, and more importantly a backup that can be retrieved within the quickest possible timeframe.