Google Drive Trash- How To Manage Your Files In Your Google Account?

Are you having a Gmail account from Google and confused in managing your file and other images? You are in the right place. As per the experts from the Best Cloud Backup Services for Business, Gmail has made several changes while offering the free space of its users. Presently, the company provides a large storage space of 15GB per account, which includes the space required for various segments such as Google+, Drive, and photos.

Over a period of time, you may encounter some issues with your account due to unwanted files and documents causing a reduction of the speed while using your account. Read this article to know some tips that can be handy in freeing up some additional space in your account.

  • Google Drive Trash: Trash in your Google or Gmail drive is similar to a recycle bin to your computer. It stores all the files you delete temporarily. It can get them back to you whenever you needed them. One can move files from Google Drive to Trash. Also, you can move files and folders to Android as well as iPad phones.
  • Know the fact: By transferring your unwanted files and documents to Trash, you will not reduce your storage burden in Google as Google Trash use your storage limit of 15GB. Hence you need to delete the files permanently through manual procedure. Otherwise, you can wait for 30days as all the items in the Trash are automatically deleted.
  • Clear the cache: You need to clear your browse cache as it can pose an additional load while emptying your Trash. The case is also true for the Google Drive app. Go to the sidebar to clear the cache. Accidental deletion can make you frustrate, but luckily Google Drive Trash can help you to retrieve the file back, of course with some space restrictions.
  • Search for identifying heavy attachments: Visit Gmail’s search box to check heavy files sized above 5MB and more. You can also find these heavy files by typing the attachment file name and you can even filter out video and audio files. Most of these files carry a burden to your storage space and hence you need to remove them.
  • Eliminate duplicate files: You can easily look at these duplicate files through your search. These files are often less remembered by the users, and such duplications are done voluntarily without knowing their consequences in the storage area.

When it comes to storing data and other files, one can now buy Chromebooks which offer additional storage space to preserve all your key files such as data videos, music, and other personal documents.

Business owners can also use this facility by paying some fees. As suggested by the professionals from the cloud backup services NJone can optimize the storage in many ways with your Gmail account. By uploading the standard size images, converting files into attachments in the Google docs, clearing the Trash, and eliminating the unnecessary emails, you are assured of having extra storage space on your Gmail account.

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