Why is Network Security Important for Businesses?

We all have to audit our accounts sometime or the other. The same goes for our network security. The IT network is something that is extremely important for businesses. It is one of the critical things that makes a business function smoothly. One can also argue that over time, it has come to be much more important than any other thing in business. Data is now the primary driver of any organizational operation and it is critical to managing it in the best way possible. This is the reason why network security assessment is so important for any business. It helps in safeguarding the network in the best way possible. 

The assessment of network security can be described as the inspection of security vulnerabilities in the IT system that is at the risk of being exposed or being compromised. Those vulnerabilities, once exposed, could lead to the business data being compromised or lost. Also, if not protected well enough, a security breach is enough to bring down a business drastically these days. The main reason why so many companies spend so much on network security is that it helps in protecting the data from a breach or a leak. It signifies a much more proactive approach. This is because it can identify threats before it turns into anything serious. So rather than reacting after a data breach, it makes sure that such a breach does not occur in the first place. 


Aside from the personal interest of each business to safeguard their IT network, there are also regulations in place in various regions, cities, and areas that make it mandatory for businesses to conduct a thorough assessment of their network. Some of the questions that network security chooses to answer are related to whether the system can be breached, to identify possible common entry points for security breaches, the possible impact of a cyber-attack, the kind of data that would be exposed in case of a breach, whether the data that can result from a breach is personal, sensitive, or professional, or finally if any protected information is susceptible to a breach. Assessment of network security also ascertains the best way to mitigate the risk factor. 

The nature of the network configuration is also really important when deciding the best ways to implement the strategies to combat the risks to the network itself. There are mainly two kinds of assessment of the network. The first one is the vulnerability assessment, which points out to the organization its weaknesses. The second one is a penetration test, which resembles an actual dummy attack on the network through phishing, etc. This is done to get an idea of how vulnerable the system is. These kinds of assessments are one way of assessing the risk quotient of the whole system. The general process is to first take inventory of the total resources, determine the actual informational value, assess the vulnerability, test the defenses, the results in a document form outlining the risk, implement adequate security controls, and continuously monitor issues and any changes in the total structure. 

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