Types of Network Attacks You Must Be Aware Of

Wireless networks have gained great momentum in recent decades. Besides offering great convenience and a clutter-free environment, wireless networks posses many challenges as it is more vulnerable to attacks. These wireless network attacks try to capture the sensitive information sent across the network. Computer Installation & Repair in Piscataway NJ helps customers to keep their wireless network secure and safe. Here are some important information about various types of network attacks and how to counter them in workplaces:

Packet Sniffing: In the wireless networks, information is sent across in packets through air. Intruder can capture this information packet and steal the information. Wireless networks like RTP, HTTP etc. are used to send good amount of packet information which is usually written in plain text form. Intruder can easily steel your password and sensitive information by packet sniffing.

Rouge Access Point: This simply refers to an unauthorized point of access in a network. Such occurrences can be developed by any staff without any intention. However, they offer a vulnerability to the network when it is kept open for intruders. Such attacks include denial of service attacks, packet capture, and so on.

Password Theft: People more often log into websites while communicating through wireless networks. When the website does not have the features like SSL, TTL, the sent passwords sit on the plain text and can be accessed easily by intruders. Many hackers use this method to make financial fraud in ATMs.

Jamming: It is always possible to jam a wireless network in many ways. Among the many methods, flooding an AP is an easier one which can be done by de-authenticating the frames. This will surely paralyze the entire transmission from getting through. However, it can give nothing to the intruder or hacker other than jamming the transmission. Generally, this is done by the business competitors to jam the Wi-Fi signals of the competitors.

Bluetooth Attacks: Intruders can deploy the Bluetooth exploits which are available in many ways. This activity involves a wide range of illegal activities starting from annoying the pop-up messages to possess full control over the other person’s Bluetooth e enabled devices. Though this method may not fetch any data, hackers use this way to annoy someone’s device to prevent normal operations.

While dealing with wireless networks, obstacles such as network attacks, network threats are inevitable. This is mainly due to the technical glitch of the wireless networks which generally offers some sort of vulnerability and some loopholes which make the task of the intruders easier in network-attacking activities. Hence one has to be smart in identifying such attacks and prevent them as minimum as possible.

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