Working From Home: Five Tips To Optimize Your Home Wi-Fi Speed

The Covid-19 outbreak has compelled many of us to work from our homes. However, this option is possible if only we have a good Wi-Fi connection and a high-speed Internet service. Though we have a proper broadband package, more often we encounter some issues with the Wi-Fi signal on our devices.

This write-up offers some valuable tips for you to enjoy an optimal Wi-Fi speed so that your workflow can enjoy uninterrupted in all parts of the day.

  • Optimal router placement: If you often get a weaker signal, it is time for you to change the location of your router device. An optimal router placement ensures a strong signal for your devices and even enhances your wireless coverage. Never attempt to place the router in any enclosed cabinet. Also, avoid keeping it in the far end of your home. It is always wise to keep your home electronic devices away from the router.
  • Have the right hardware: It is always wise to upgrade your router and its software. Many times old devices may not be compatible with the new firmware which can result in delivering poor bandwidth. Try to fix an additional antenna, preferably a directional one which can work better to deliver a strong signal to your device. Ensure all your router device has passed theĀ NETWORK SECURITY ASSESSMENTĀ test and is certified by the manufacturer. Do not install cheaper router devices.
  • Check for unnecessary internet connectivity: Though you have a high-speed Internet connection and high bandwidth router, your Wi-Fi signals can have an impact when others in your home use the Internet connectivity. These additional activates include Netflix streaming services, online video gaming, and many more. Such things should be explained to others in your family, especially when you need to complete your video conference with your office.
  • Have backup connectivity options: When it comes to a Wi-Fi router, it is part of an electronics device that is bound to fail or offer low signals. You can have your mobile phone as a backup hotspot for a temporary period. Also, you need to ensure your mobile device has enough data available to use as a backup device instead of a Wi-Fi network.

Working from home may not be as easy as we imagine as it involves heavily on network supported technology. An efficient Wi-Fi network can surely make your regular official work without any glitches. Try out these tips shared in this write-up and make your Wi-Fi connection highly reliable. If you still find some issues, call the right experts to fix the issues as quickly as possible.

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