Is cloud backup any good?

Cloud backup is slowly becoming the norm everywhere. It is being slowly adopted by multiple industries, businesses, organizations, etc. There is a good reason for that as well. However, to someone, the shift to cloud backup might seem a little too sudden and he/she can pose the question as to whether the cloud backup is any good. Even for the skeptics, there is an ample number of advantages of cloud backup solutions that are available for all to see. There is a good reason why those solutions are being adopted everywhere. Previously, companies had to make provisions for physical data backup and the management of various devices connected to that. 

Cloud backup, in simple terms, is when an organization stores its backup data, files, and applications to a server that is cloud-based and remote. The cloud-based server can either be private or public and the main factor behind opting for either is the respective cost attached to each of them. Many large-scale enterprises have the means and resources to maintain and operate a private cloud backup infrastructure. However, other small-scale businesses do not have the required means and resources to own a private cloud. They have to then opt for a public cloud infrastructure that also houses other organizations’ data within it.

In the case of a public cloud backup service, the organization that owns it manages the entire thing, while the other organizations that use the service pay a monthly fee or offer an annual payment for the continued use of services. While it is understandable that cloud backup does have some disadvantages, the pros offered by it are so much more. In some areas, where the internet bandwidth is very low, or where the internet connectivity is not up to the standards expected, cloud backup may suffer as a result. In rural areas or semi-urban areas, it is very difficult to migrate towards a cloud-based data storage model as it might take a huge time to fully back the data up. There are also privacy concerns regarding the data backed up in the cloud. 

When the tenure of an organization ends with their cloud service provider, there may still be some data present in the cloud, which could end up getting leaked. Also, switching cloud backup service providers can take up a lot of time, which could be more productively spent elsewhere. However, despite these problems, the convenience and ease of operations offered by a cloud backup service are tremendous. First of all, cloud backup saves a lot of time and resources. Since all the data is being stored in a cloud, the organizations do not need to spend their financial resources on buying the latest hardware and software. Even if there is a disaster at the office such as a tornado, flooding, or any other such calamity, the data is safeguarded as in a cloud backup, it has been backed up in a remote server. Another very important advantage of cloud backup is that the data that has been backed up can be accessed from anywhere. This is especially useful in the post-COVID period, where many offices are operating remotely.

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